The benefits of ARLIN’s Tear Tape technology extend beyond the final tear tape product. We operate our own development and testing lab. Colors are blended in-house to maintain exact customer color standards for each order. Our key staff members have over forty years experience working with Tear Tape packaging, so we understand the material and machine requirements that make great Tear Tape. And zero defects is more than just a goal, it’s our passion.

Our superior Tear Tape technology includes the following products:

  • Variable Data Tear Tapes

    for promotional or brand security applications

  • Polypropylene Tear Tapes

    cost-effective solutions to most packaging applications (high strength, solid colors).

  • Printed Tear Tapes

    for promotional messages or graphic images.

  • Metallized Polyester Tear Tapes

    provide a high quality appearance for top-of-the-line packaging applications.

  • Security Tear Tapes

    including product logos and holographic images.

Standard Products

  • Colors

  • Slit Width

  • 1.6mm

  • Core Diameters

  • 29mm | 1.25″
    76mm | 3″
    83mm | 3.25″
    152mm | 6″

  • Lengths

  • 8,000m
    and up to 120,000m

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