ARLIN can spool/traverse wind your product for extended roll lengths. Delivering traverse spooled packages for 30 years, ARLIN has the technology, equipment and knowledge to create and deliver the perfect spool.

Traverse/Spooled Packages

  •  Level Winding
  •  Cross Winding
  •  Taper Winding
  •  Index (Step) Winding
  •  Flanged Packages

Roll dimensions can be customized


  •  Precise tension control for thin gauge and narrow slit widths
  •  Longer package lengths and more material per spool
  •  Stable ends for handling and unwinding
  • Spooled 4mm wide Printed PS Tear Tape

  • Spooled clear 5mm PS Tape with flanges

  • Flanged Spool ¼” Wide tape

  • Spooled White PS film on small ID core

  • Spooled 1.6 mm wide Gold PS Tear Tape

  • Spooled Gold Tear Tape

  • Large Diameter PS Spooled Tape

  • Spooled Printed Message Tape

  • Spooled Printed Message Tape with Variable Data

  • Flanged spool 1/8” rod

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