Whether you require simple respooling of your product or comprehensive product development and production services, Arlin provides a diverse range of solutions.

With over 70 years of collective experience in the plastics industry, our core team has dedicated decades to innovating new products and services.

We take pride in our ISO 9001 certification, which guides every facet of our operations to deliver exceptional service. From training our personnel to conducting rigorous quality tests, our focus remains on meeting the unique needs of our customers.

Your experience will be tailored to meet exact specifications including:

  • Thickness

  • Width

  • Roll and Core Size

  • Printed Messages and Images

  • Release and Adhesive Coating

  • Laminating

  • Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

  • Specialized Winding

  • Custom Print Direction

Our capabilities include plastic film and sheet extrusion, oriented films, printing and laminating, precision slitting, spooling and tear tapes, designed to fulfill your business requirements. Arlin’s wide range of products and services customized to meet or exceed your project specifications.

Explore the links below to learn more about each service:

Plastic Film & Sheet Extrusion

Offering a variety of cast and oriented Film and Sheet products, specializing in Polypropylene products

Oriented Films

Monoaxially oriented polypropylene (MOPP) film and Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film for a wide range of industries

Printing & Laminating

Printing & Laminating services with silicones, adhesives and inks. Arlin is uniquely suited for high quality print jobs

Precision Slitting

Specializing in extremely narrow widths and experience with a variety of materials we can provide the solution for your unique application


Arlin can spool/traverse wind your product for extended roll length for increased run times.

Tear Tapes

The Leader in tear tape packaging, we can provide a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Converting

Delivering quality converting solutions since 1954. Let us solve your converting challenges.