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Print Direction

Customers can specify the winding/unwinding direction that meets the needs of their packaging equipment. Standard configurations are listed here.




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Slitting Process Capability of Cut Width, Arlin BUSBAR3-12

Using a precision laser micrometer a study was completed to determine the process capability slit width tolerance. The tight tolerance was uniquely important to the custom application. All data showed Arlin’s capability met and exceeded the custom requirements. The complete data is listed below.

—— Within
– – – Overall

Process Data
LSL 0.116
Target *
USL 0.12
Sample Mean 0.118263
Sample N 30
StDev(Within) 0.000453926
StDev(Overall) 0.000457303
Potential (Within) Capability
Cp 1.47
CPL 1.66
CPU 1.28
Cpk 1.28
Overall Capability
Pp 1.46
PPL 1.65
PPU 1.27
Ppk 1.27
Cpm *
Observed Performance
PPM < LSL 0.00
PPM > USL 0.00
PPM Total 0.00
Exp. Within Performance
PPM < LSL 0.31
PPM > USL 65.23
PPM Total 65.54
Exp. Overall Perfromance
PPM < LSL 0.37
PPM > USL 73.04
PPM Total 73.42


Arlin Mfg. Co., Inc. Announces Acquisition

Strategically Enhances Company to Expand in Custom Extrusion and Converting
of Plastic Film and Continues its Ability to Customize Solutions for Demanding Applications

Lowell, Massachusetts ( June 1, 2012) – Arlin Mfg. Co., Inc. , a world leader in custom extrusion and converting of plastic film, has announced today that it has purchased the Tear Tape Division from Scott Office Systems. The acquisition strategically enhances Arlin’s presence in the Tobacco Products and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods segments.

“We’re extremely pleased to add this former Scott division into our current company,” said John R. Mitchell, Jr. President of Arlin Manufacturing Company, Inc. This acquisition will not only enhance our capabilities to our ever growing ability to provide Custom Solutions for Demanding Applications, it allows us to offer more markets – from small businesses to major multinationals additional customizable solutions. For over four decades, Arlin Manufacturing Company, Inc. has been a world leader in custom extrusion and converting of plastic film.

This acquisition will expand the product line, allowing Arlin Manufacturing Company, Inc. to continue to offer an expanded product offering to support both current Arlin customers as well as fully support those customers who have for years depended on Scott Office Systems Tear Tape Division. The company will integrate all of the Scott assets into its existing manufacturing facility by utilizing key specialty equipment previously owned by Scott.

“This accents beautifully our product offerings that we have taken pride in delivering to our customers for over four decades,” added Mitchell, Jr.